RANDY RHOADS by Ross Halfin - kniha

RANDY RHOADS by Ross Halfin - kniha

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Datum vydání: 17.09.2021
Žánr: Heavy metal

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Standard Edition

When Randy Rhoads joined the Ozzy Osbourne band at the end of 1979 he not only helped to transform the career of the ex-Black Sabbath front man, he also helped to redefine the metal scene of the 1980’s and has been a prominent influence for hundreds of guitarists ever since and well after his tragic death at the age of just 25 in 1982.

Randy Rhoads by Ross Halfin celebrates his time with Randy and Ozzy Osbourne both on stage and off with hundreds of beautiful, largely unseen images from those early years. Measuring 240mm by 340mm this 280 page coffee table book contains hundred of beautiful images and features an exclusive introduction by Ozzy Osbourne and an epilogue by Rhoads fan, Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello.

“It’s weird. I only knew Randy Rhoads for a couple of years, but it felt my longer. I felt like I knew him for my whole life,” says Ozzy Osbourne.

“I still think about him a lot and I wonder what he would be doing now. I owe him a huge amount - he was the beginning of me. He wasn’t just my guitarist; he was my friend.”

The standard book: 

240mm by 340mm, 280 page hard back book with printed cover and cloth slipcase.



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